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Mission Statement

April 13th, 2022

IDriss Wants to Give a Crypto Wallet Address to Every Human on Earth

There are nearly 8 billion people in the world. How many of them can interact with crypto in its current state?
The big paradox of web3 is that it is supposed to be accessible for everyone, but it is not, at least not for regular humans. Central parts of the user experience associated with using cryptocurrency are not suited to accommodate the wave of non-crypto-native people that will be flowing into web3 in the coming decade.
For example, the crypto wallet address format (long string of numbers and letters) is impossible to use by anyone outside of the core crypto users. It's cumbersome, time-consuming, and unsafe to use.
As a result, the influx of new users to web3 will soon be limited, and existing crypto products and protocols won't be able to scale beyond their current, crypto-native userbase. Web3 will die down as a niche concept used by only a few instead of following or beating the growth curve of the internet at the turn of the century. Regular people around the world who should have equitable access to web3 won't be enjoying its benefits. Let's not let it happen.

Our Impact

Every human on Earth deserves frictionless access to crypto and the benefits coming from using it: cheap and instant transactions, improved security & privacy, and investment opportunities.
IDriss is on a mission to help provide that by building a suite of tools making web3 more accessible for regular humans.
The first product in the suite, which was already released, is a decentralized mapping of emails, phone numbers, and Twitter usernames to crypto wallet addresses. It deals with the wallet address format problem mentioned in the previous paragraph.
Beyond the first tool, we have a strong product pipeline that includes:
  • a solution for sending crypto to any email, phone number, or Twitter username
  • a shortcut for online and physical businesses to accept crypto
  • a shortcut for creators to receive tips in crypto
All ideas born in our heads have one common denominator: they all are human-first and contribute to the endgame we imagine - 8 billion people have a wallet address and use crypto.

Why Now?

We have a chance to use the new set of rails, which is web3, to level the financial playing field by giving everyone equal access to the benefits of crypto and decentralization.
Existing web3 products and protocols are starting to realize that to further scale, they need to "enlarge the pie" and expand beyond the crypto core users. IDriss will help them with that.

Progressive Decentralization

As of today, the control over IDriss is in the hands of the founding contributors. We have decided to prioritize fast execution and product-market-fit seeking in the short term. The long-term plan is to progressively become more decentralized. Taking this path was inspired by the below publication by Jesse Walden.

Community Ownership

A natural step on the path towards decentralization will be releasing an IDriss token in the future in a fair and transparent launch. Distribution of the token is essential for sharing ownership and fee stream with the community.

Founding Contributors

We are human-centered design thinkers. We love humankind. We believe in absolute human equality. We are resourceful engineers who ran companies in the past.

Get Involved

Our community of users, contributors, and investors is the most important part of IDriss. If you feel that our mission resonates with you and you want to support it, reach out on Twitter, or join our Discord.
Join us and help build a better, freer world for everyone using the new rails of web3.