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Product Update #1

May 1st, 2022

Product & Community Update #1

Let’s kickstart the new blog post format! This series of articles will highlight product development and ongoing events in our community.
In this opening edition, let’s start with some housekeeping. The two places where we mostly interact are Discord and Twitter. If you haven’t done so yet, drop by our server and follow IDriss in the blue bird app.
This Mirror blog will be a place for the Product & Community update series and separate articles covering important topics and announcements. Is there a topic you would like to see highlighted in the next post? Maybe you want to brush up on your writing skills and help write the next update or translate it to your native language? Jump in our Discord to contribute!
The Product & Community series will also inform about ongoing initiatives in our community, like the one below. Feeling creative? Share your design of a POAP that will commemorate the first IDriss community call coming soon. Drop by our Discord to join!

Product Update

Time to chat about the product for a bit! If you’ve read our mission statement, you know that our long-term plan is to release a suite of products making web3 more accessible for regular humans. IDriss Core, the first product in the line, has been fully public since January.
You probably know it already - IDriss Core lets us link emails, phone numbers, and Twitter usernames to crypto wallet addresses in a decentralized registry to unlock a few powerful benefits:
  • User-friendly wallet address format that we can easily share verbally or in writing when we send or receive crypto
  • Effective organization and quicker access to our multiple wallet addresses (we have them available under one, memorable IDriss)
If you are new to IDriss, you might want to read primers on how to get started:
If you already registered but prefer reading on Twitter, check out this thread below to quickly see where and how you can use your freshly set up IDriss.
The team keeps working on some exciting new features. Our OGs already know what’s coming next, and they say it’s huge! We can only reveal that it’s adding even more magic to how our browser extension works on Twitter. Stay tuned.
Want to become an OG? Jump in our Discord to start contributing. We are early. All kind of help is welcome: shout-outs on social media, marketing, partnerships, design, coding, testing, you name it. IDriss is a young community that wants to take off the ground, so all hands on board!
See you in the next update!