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Product Update #2

June 2nd, 2022

Product & Community Update #2

What a great month for IDriss! We now have over 1000 amazing community members in Discord and more than 3000 followers on Twitter, and we keep growing.
One of our recent posts on Twitter went viral. This next update will open a whole new chapter for IDriss. Be on the lookout for the announcement!
Another great news is that we’ve initiated a funding process with Cult DAO - a decentralized investment protocol that supports projects aligned with the web3 ethos.
The purpose of Cult is to empower and fund those building and contributing towards our decentralized future.
We also had a POAP design competition running in our community. Six members submitted their designs, and now the community will choose their favorite. You can cast your vote in Discord by Friday (06/03/22) 10pm EST.
Also, last week we welcomed new 👑OGs to our community: andongni.eth#4969, Etherscanart.nft#6604, Kro#1926, metamasknft.coin#6962, wangrui#6572. They joined our indispensable crew of the first OGs: poapin.eth#9107, kongtaoxing#1644, whitemountain.eth#5131, JokerWong#2793, hsl195#4942.
We also opened a Turkish channel (Mod: vurkafasina#1547) and a Vietnamese channel (Mod: Lenguyen#0117) in our Discord. Let us know if you'd like to be a Mod for a new language channel.
One more thing before we talk about the product update! NFT NYC conference is approaching fast, and the IDriss core team will be there. June 20-23, New York City. Come and spend some time with us!

Product Update

May has been great for the product too. We shipped a critical update to IDriss Core: reverse records. Now, web3 apps can easily display our Twitter usernames, emails, and phone number instead of wallet addresses. Check out the thread below:
Many web3 apps can benefit from integrating reverse records, and lots of new use cases are yet to be discovered. Help us find them!
Also, it’s time to let other web3 projects know that we exist. Would you like to become a scout and bring up IDriss integration in other communities? The tech is ready, and integration takes only minutes for an experienced developer. All they need is this GitHub link:
And finally, a huge thank you all for being here and contributing🙏 It’s just the beginning. Exciting journey ahead of us.
See you in the next update!