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Reward System

Earn reward points by inviting friends and creating content
IDriss is a community-owned and operated project. We developed a reward system which lets the community earn reward points. These can be swapped for ⊜ IDriss after the official release of the token.
The goal of this system is to accelerate the growth of IDriss by attracting more users and contributors.

General Rules

  1. 1.
    To participate in the reward system, you must have at least one successful IDriss.
  2. 2.
    Rewards for any Twitter activity will be available after your Twitter handle is linked with IDriss.
  3. 3.
    Rewards on tweets are based on a combination of different engagement metrics on that tweet.
  4. 4.
    Rewards on Discord invites are available after posting your IDriss in the respective channel on our Discord server. Only invite links without expiration date will be measured.
  5. 5.
    Final rewards will be claimable to the owner address of your IDriss. IDriss ownership was recently introduced, and users that claimed their IDriss in our airdrop must first claim ownership of their link. Follow us on Discord for more details.
  6. 6.
    Rewards for sign-up referrals will be available on successfully claimed IDriss'.
  7. 7.
    There are currently no reward limits per user. This may be subject to change if users find ways to exploit or abuse this system.
  8. 8.
    Notifications regarding updating reward rates or other changes will be published on Discord.

Reward Rates

Reward points are calculated are based on multiple factors. See Rates for details. Currently, reward points can be collected through four different activities: (re-) tweeting, Discord invites, IDriss ownerships, and IDriss referrals.
Head over to your Dashboard to manage your IDriss, view your reward points, and add tweets to your reward list.
When tweeting about IDriss, make sure to tag @IDriss_xyz and #IDriss. Each tweet and retweet will be analyzed on two interaction factors. Interactions on your tweet will increase your total reward point score. An interaction will be defined as any like or retweet your tweet receives. Reward points are attributed to the IDriss' owner belonging to the @Twitter handle tweeting.
You can earn reward points using Discord invites. Every person joining our Discord server will attribute one reward point towards the owner address of the IDriss you post in our respective channel. Make sure to use an invite link without expiration so that your successful invite count is not reset. Users abusing this system by inviting bots, fake accounts, re-inviting the same account over and over again, or following other dishonest measures will be excluded from the rewards system.
Let others use your referral link when they sign up. Every successful sign-up that uses your IDriss referral link rewards you with points! Make sure that you own your IDriss and change ownership to the correct address if needed.
IDriss Ownership
Notably, the most valuable contribution is a sign-up. Every IDriss Ownership benefits reward points to you.


1 per interaction as defined above
1 per invite
Sign-Up Referral
50 for using someone's code, 50 when someone uses your code
IDriss Ownership
Integration Bounties

Claiming Rewards

Reward claiming will be available once the token launches. We will set up a dedicated website and instructions together with the announcement of the claiming period. To claim your rewards, you must own at least one IDriss. The claimed rewards will be sent to the owner's address of your IDriss.