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How IDriss makes your life easier
Don't have much time? Head over to Introductionfor a quick overview.
Signing up to IDriss takes 60 seconds. The time it saves you afterwards is without boundaries.
With IDriss, you can link emails, phone numbers and Twitter usernames to your wallet addresses. This allows you to organize your different wallets under one familiar handle, while making them easy to share verbally in a conversation.
All links established with IDriss are verified. As a result, no one else can claim your email, phone number, or Twitter handle before you and hold it hostage. Verification works by providing a one-time password that you will receive through email or text message, or by tweeting a verification Tweet.
Additionally, we launched Online Creator Tipping as a new verticle to IDriss. Creators can now easily accept cryptocurrencies as tips on a platform of their choice. We also included native tipping support to Twitter, as you will be able to see here.

Wallet Tags

After verifying your identifier, you are asked to choose a wallet tag. The wallet tag reminds you of what type of wallet address you have tied your email, phone number, or Twitter handle to. It will be displayed in the search result to help you identify the wallet. In the picture above, you can see the wallet tags Metamask ETH, Coinbase ETH, and Rainbow ETH. In total, we offer around 40 different tags! If you are missing one, please let us know in Discord.
You can link multiple wallet addresses to multiple identifiers. If you don't want your address to be publicly available, add a secret word to it. Only people knowing your secret word will find your wallet address.

Blockchain Agnostic

Besides evm compatible addresses (ethereum, polygon, bsc), you can link BTC and Sol addresses to your IDriss. This distinguishes IDriss from other protocols. In the example below, you can see that the email [email protected] is linked to the wallet tag Metamask ETH and Coinbase BTC.


Setting up an IDriss only costs $10 for a lifetime. It will supply the IDriss treasury and support development of the infrastructure.