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IDriss Book

Where is my data saved?

No personal information is stored on our server. Period. The link between your wallet address and IDriss is a hashed version of your identifier, your password, and an additional key that identifies the address type, and is stored on our public smart contract on the Polygon network. Only knowing all three components will uncover the linked wallet address.

Can I change my email, phone number, or Twitter name?

While no one can change a past transaction on a blockchain, you will be able to delete your link from the IDriss registry. Head over to the Dashboard for any changes you would like to perform.

I want to change my Twitter username. Do I lose my IDriss?

No! You don't have to worry about changing your Twitter handle, as the underlying Twitter ID is user-specific and will never change. Our browser extension automatically translates Twitter handles to user IDs, so your IDriss will be waiting for you and your new username.

Why do I need to verify my email, phone number, or Twitter name?

It ensures that no one can impersonate you by tying your identity to their wallet address. After sending the initial one-time password, you will only hear from us again if you make another link. We do not store any personal information, meaning we could not send you a message, even if we wanted to.

Do I need to add a secret word ?

It is optional. If you do not add a secret word, anyone knowing your email or phone number can look up your wallet address tied to it. If you do add a secret word, only those to whom you give your secret word can look up your wallet address.

What is a wallet tag ?

A wallet tag reminds you of the type of wallet address you have tied your IDriss to. It will be displayed in the search result to help you identify the wallet address.

I can not find a suitable wallet tag. What should I do ?

Let us know in the proposals channel of our Discord server, and we'll add it!

What does this cost ?

There is a one-time fee of $10 to secure your IDriss for a lifetime. Gas costs are minimal.

I paid but cannot find my IDriss. What's next?

Make sure the sign-up was successful by entering your IDriss in the Dashboard. If there is no result, you are asked to enter your payment transaction hash. You can find it in the wallet you have used to pay for your IDriss.

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