IDriss Book

What is IDriss Book?

IDriss Book is a decentralized address book that lets you use a short and familiar identifier like your Twitter name, email, or phone number instead of a wallet address.

How to Register?

Registration takes less than 60 seconds. Follow this step-by-step registration guide below.

Make sure to use your public wallet address, meaning the one you're fully comfortable being public.

Browser Extension

To access the address book features you need to install our browser extension on desktop. The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser.

The extension is also accessible to mobile Android users through Kiwi Browser and Mises Browser.

Where Can You Use the Extension?

1. Extension Window

At any time you can click on the green ID icon and open the extension window to lookup an IDriss and copy a wallet address to your clipboard.

2. Supported Websites

IDriss can also be used on multiple crypto exchanges and websites.

3. Twitter

Hover over the badge to open the payment box, select the amount and network of your choice, and send a payment in a few seconds. Supported networks include Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and more coming soon.

To tip your Twitter friends through the browser extension, you don't need to be registered yourself. It's enough to have the browser extension installed.

Alpha features for Twitter

We're currently experimenting with new features for Twitter. Opt in by clicking a checkbox in the extension window. In the near future, you'll be able to have a granular choice and opt in/out for specific integrations individually.


Get notifications about ongoing DAO votes on Snapshot while scrolling Twitter. Active proposals are displayed within DAO profiles (as depicted below) and on the main Twitter feed (anchored to tweets by DAOs with active proposals). See the announcement thread here.


Trade on the largest decentralized prediction market directly on Twitter. The extension displays trading widgets next to tweets authored by @Polymarket that show up in your feed. To start using this integration, you have to create an account and deposit balance in the Polymarket app. See the announcement thread here.

Partner Integrations

Thanks to the open nature of the protocol, you can also enjoy using your IDriss in third-party decentralized applications.

Take a look at these example integrations below. A full list of dApps that integrated IDriss can be found in the Ecosystem section.

SyncSwap integration

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