Protocol Fees

This section provides an overview of fees charged by the IDriss protocol. All the values are modifiable and eventually will be subject to updates through decentralized governance.

IDriss Book Fees

The IDriss Book protocol charges a one-time fee of $10 per registered address for a lifetime. It can be paid in MATIC on Polygon, BNB on BNB Chain, or ETH on Ethereum, zkSync or Linea.

The registration fee is waived for partner projects who enable registering new address book records inside their dApps.

IDriss Send Fees

The fees charged by the IDriss Send protocol differ depending on whether the recipient is a registered IDriss name and whether you send an individual or a batch transfer through MultiSend.

Additional clarifications:

  • Who is paying the fees?

    • Fees for transfers to registered IDriss names are deducted from the transfer amount (paid by the recipient).

    • Fees for transfers to unregistered recipients are added to the transfer amount (paid by the sender).

  • Fees for batch transfers to a mix of registered and unregistered recipients are calculated by summing up fees from respective tables.

  • Sending assets to a mix of registered and unregistered recipients is handled by two separate smart contracts and requires confirming two transactions.

  • All fees are charged in MATIC on the Polygon network, except for individual transfers to registered IDriss names. In this case they are charged in MATIC or ERC-20 tokens on Polygon, BNB or ERC-20 tokens on BNB Chain, and ETH or ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum, depending on what coin and network you are using.

  • The same fee structure applies to sending payments on Twitter through our browser extension.

  • Sending native or erc20 assets to a registered public good address on Optimism waives the fee


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